How to get your Customised Office in your Preferred Location with Facility Management Service

Finding the most suitable shared office space is a time consuming and an excruciating task. And it doesn’t end there. Designing the office as per the business needs and meeting all compliance requirements also need effort. Co-working spaces that offer end-to-end managed services (tailor-made to suit business desires and needs) is an answer to all the workspace woes. It is an ideal arrangement for start-ups, SMEs, and large corporates as well.

Shared branch office managed services take care of location hunting, due diligence, interior designing, pantry service, seat management, housekeeping, workspace customization, facility management, and every other little thing so that businesses can focus on their core functions. Managed services also include customization of workplace the way organizations want it thus helping them focus on growing their business while leaving all the workspace worries to the managed services providers.

How did it work?

Pick your location- Choose a location where you want to start your business from or desire to expand your existing business. You need to prefer locations that have a promising infrastructure, are strategically important, have the potential to grow in the future and will keep you well connected with other cities also. Managed Services will ensure that all the government approvals are met, freeing you from all the avoidable hassles.

Customise- Once you zero in on the location/s and your exact office requirement, you can share your vision/design ideas with the interior designers and get your own customised office space. Be it compliance aspect of the property, documentation, architecture, furniture, wall colours, lights or interior design, electronic equipment, everything can be tailor-made to fulfill your vision and suit your individual requirements with managed services.

Move-in- After your customised office space has been set up as per your wish, with all the major and minor details taken care of, you will be ready to move in.


Facility Management Services – Once you move in you will get personnel to manage the Branch and keep it functional. Managed Services take care of all these aspects.


Managed services come with many more benefits too. Few of which are pocket-friendly prices, prestigious addresses, fast turnaround time, easy expansion, fully services offices, 24×7 support, bundled packages, reliable IT & technical support, etc.

Getting THE RIGHT SHARED OFFICE IN RAJKOT Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Rajkot (considered as the capital of Saurashtra region of Gujarat) is one of the best business destinations in the state of Gujarat. In the recent past Rajkot has shown great potential to grow thus attracting many businesses. In addition, the city has an excellent infrastructure and is very well connected with major cities of India. If you too are looking to expand your business in Gujarat, here is why you should choose Rajkot as your next destination-


Better incentives and perks– The economic environment of Rajkot can make a big difference in the success of a new startup as well as established businesses when they try to launch a new product or expand their business. Industrial sector in Rajkot has consistently shown a lot of progress since the 1960s and has been associated with heavy engineering industries for a long time. Good connectivity with other urban centres in Gujarat also makes Rajkot an ideal place to do business.


Fresh ground for development– By being present in developing cities entrepreneurs naturally become part of the fabric of their growth story. Being located in a smaller cities like Rajkot gives you the opportunity to be a pioneer in the area of development, which can help you develop closer partnerships with local business owners and remain at the forefront of all business developments.


Little to no commute- Having an office in smaller cities are a win-win for both the employer and the employee. Cities like Rajkot have a commute time that’s almost non-existent, numerous housing options and lower cost of living in comparison to metro-cities makes small cities an ideal choice for business expansion.


Higher talent retention rates– Businesses find advantage in big cities like Mumbai due to their growing population. Huge population creates ample consumer demand and great opportunities for young people giving way to inordinate amount of young talents too. The downside of this situation is there also exists the risk that talents will be poached by a bigger players in the market. In small cities it easier to retain talent because there aren’t as many big MNCs present there. The better quality of life in smaller Indian cities also helps in retaining talent.


Low labour costs- With government initiatives like smart city plan and relatively lower labour costs in Tier II and Tier III Indian cities the future prospects of look bright. Many surveys suggest that it’s the small towns that will write the new success stories in the future. Businesses cannot afford to miss these opportunities.

Office space at great costs- You can have an office for rent in Rajkot at great costs. Fully furnished, Ready-To-Move offices are easily available in Rajkot which makes cost of running a business there quite low. Not availing such offers will be a lost opportunity.

If you are looking for Office Space for Rent in Rajkot, then MyBranch is the place to be. Get in touch with us with your ‘Coworking Space in Rajkot requirements and we will get back to you with the best available options.