Coworking Office Space – The modern idea of working culture

The event of COVID-19 pandemic surprisingly changed the scenario of doing business around the world. In the blink of an eye, it was realized by all businesses that employees can work from home and in an efficient way. Not only this, but organizations also realized that to bring employees back to office, they need more than the reason of ‘working together’. In the search of the reasons to help bring back the employees, businesses in India started adapting to the culture of coworking office spaces.

Now, it is important to understand why businesses adapted to renting a coworking workspace? One of the most important reasons why Indian organizations are moving towards renting a coworking space is that – it is more flexible in renting as well as costs way less than a regular lease agreement. In a leasing agreement, businesses have to sign-up for a five-year long commitment (more or less). The terms that come with this commitment is that – the leasing party would not be concerned on any circumstances that arise due to business failure or natural destruction that can bring the business to a standstill. The leasing policy stated that in any event, the business has to pay the rent, or it may be imposed to several charges – which are equal to legitimate actions from legal structures of the society. To run away from these complications, organizations demanded the requirement of such a service which can provide flexible yet durable agreement, which can help them set-up their business and operate through it smoothly. This gave rise to the concept of – Coworking spaces!

Coworking office spaces – define the rule of working together in harmony and sharing space, to reduce cost and bring diversity. How boring can it get for an employee to sit on the same desk, do the same work and stare at the same scene outside the window for five straight years? To help employees feel fresh and excited, it is necessary that they are diverted with constant change. This is not possible when organizations sign-up with leasing terms, but a coworking shared office space can offer this. Shared office spaces – do not command you to sign a commitment. Instead what it offers is your requirement. You need an office space for only ten people for a year. Sure, done! As simple as this. You can anytime take an increment on your commitment or decrease your stay, as per your will.

Getting a shared coworking office space on rent, helps businesses to identify their capabilities. How? You would ask. Let’s understand this by an example.

You own a business and employ five people. Now, there is a sudden raise in your clientele and you hire ten more people to do the job, but on a temporary basis. In this case, if you go to a leasing property, you will have to give out a commitment for at least a year. You know that these projects that you are handling will be delivered in four months. So, leasing a property of fifteen individuals for a year long period will be worthless, since you will not require the space after four months. On the other hand, if you go to a coworking shared office space, you get to choose your period of stay and the space that you require. In this way, you save on spending more money on renting a space and also get out of a commitment. Since you will be working alongside various other businesses, you also have a chance to widen your networking. Thus, making a way for your business to flourish.

MyBranch, one of the companies providing coworking spaces in India, provides good office spaces with classified meeting rooms and conference rooms, around major cities in India. With MyBranch you do not only get a space for your business operations but create a space for your own growth. With a geographical reach in more than 45 cities in India, MyBranch has helped businesses reach close to their customers without disturbing the budget or the convenience. By adapting to the services of MyBranch your business will not have to cater separate bills for separate services, instead, all bills are compiled into one for easier tracking and payments.

How Virtual & Shared Office Spaces are Evolving with New System of Office Space Environment

The operating culture of corporate business entities around the world has taken a sudden change, which is seen to be a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting online has replaced physical meets and discussions, thereby creating a Virtual Office Space corporate structure that is defined by individual spaces and comfort. With the pandemic coming to a standstill, corporations are bringing back the support staff to the office, but there seems to be a misplaced alignment in between the individual space and the corporate desks. This has started generating problems and discomforts, leading to productivity taking a toll. The ‘Work from Home’ culture has significantly impacted the mentality of employees. It restructured working hours and also brought on the table the convenience of dressing as will, seating at ease and taking break as required. In the office, the same has been changed to scheduled break timings, culture-specific dressing and seating in a measured space. So, in order to break the chain of discomfort continuing, corporations are brainstorming to bring several measures to help employees feel at home and get their enthusiasm back on track. But what is the way to do so?

One of the ways through which employee enthusiasm can be brought back to the table is – the hybrid working culture. A hybrid working environment defines working in a mix of ‘Work from Home’ and ‘Work from Office’ environments. The working days are distributed equally to manage a balanced working environment. In this way employees can get a charted plan for the week or month, thus assisting them to plan their priorities accordingly.  But there is a twist that comes with setting up a hybrid environment. Let’s talk in terms of money. Suppose you are an organization having an employee strength of five thousand individuals. In this case, you decide to follow a hybrid structure of working wherein you will alternatively call employees to the office. Considering that you have an employee strength of five thousand individuals you are sure to rent a space that is big enough to occupy this number of people. But, what if only half a part of this number will occupy the desks? In this case, you as an organization are spending money for the rest half that is still working from home. This is where the idea of coworking managed office spaces comes into picture and Coworking Space – The modern idea of working culture.

What are shared office spaces? Shared office spaces is a concept derived out of the need of customizing spatial requirements of organizations and business enterprises. In technical terms, it is a larger space divided into several parts according to the requirement. This space is utilized by more than two companies at a time. This space provides companies with several complimentary services such as – common waiting area, common reception, meeting rooms, conference rooms and other things. Now, the idea behind developing a concept like this was to bring flexibility in terms of agreement and requirement.

MyBranch, based in Mumbai, is one of the fastest growing companies in India which provides coworking spaces and allied services such as virtual office spaces and managed office space to smaller, medium and large enterprises. Subscribing to the services of such companies will provide you an upper hand in terms of deciding what space you would require for what number of people. In addition to this, extra materialistic requirements such as an additional desk or an additional port for electric supply is also provided, given it comes with certain terms and conditions. By getting these services, your organization can save the extra expenses by nearly 15%, which can be drifted in different ventures or employee benefit programs. Getting a coworking space on rent will not disturb the working conditions, but encourages creative utilization of the space. Presently, one of the biggest challenges that businesses come forth with is the need for space that reflects their working culture and that assists employees operate optimally. By adapting to a coworking agreement, organizations can get customized designs that are in line with their business standard, tonality and personality. With dedicated support staff to assist the companies at every stage of inconvenience, coworking becomes an integral part of the changing office scenario.

This is why, it is necessary for businesses to adapt to the functionality of a newer working system – that is to the idea of getting a coworking business space, and offer its employees a comfort that will encourage their enthusiasm to return to office and feel like home!