Coworking Companies surging Charges up to 15%

The business wheel has started rolling faster post all the hurdles. Work schedules have almost gotten back to normalcy. However, the working styles have seen a change that is here to stay. Working from anywhere, anytime is sighted to be the most preferred way of getting things done.

Flexible working environment as it is known now globally; office space industry has grown hugely; especially in India the competition is getting narrower with each day.

Rentals of these coworking spaces are increasing as multi factors are contributing to this price rise. Right from the reality markets across the nation to the costs of construction materials and other inputs related to office space creation have gone up in their valuation.

On the other hand; demands of coworking spaces and its amenities have witnessed great leap in demands. This upward movement importantly hasn’t been limited to the metro cities alone; as high numbers of office space enquiries are rooting in from tier: 2, 3 and 4 regions.

Over the last couple of quarters there is a direct escalation in the fit-out billing range as every segment of setting up an office space has become expensive. The overall rentals are estimated to increase by 10-15%.

On the demand side; the takers are keen in having a quick process and clarity in the rental agreement. Businesses are open to associate with a coworking space operation that offers more than just the office space. Here’s where MyBranch scores; as it is an Office space solutions provider spread across 50+ Indian Cities; offering customised office spaces as per the customer’s requirements.

The price surge in the co-working industry is an inevitable change and it should be taken as a reality in connection to the futuristic developments including enhanced services and evolving co-working spaces requirements. At MyBranch we assure quality services with 100% customer satisfaction and continue to expand to 100 cities.”

Kushal Bhargava, Co-Founder MyBranch

There are office categories such as Shared Office Space, Managed Office Space, Lite office space that are greatly received. The demands are surprising coming from smaller cities as businesses are looking push their presence and expand. 

MyBranch is the first office space provider to have a single (invoice) billing for all the office space services. The brand has marched forward with a super combo of managed-lite office space which will be handy for branded businesses to have limited office spaces in their preferred locations.

Tracking the future of coworking industry it has become a necessity that the rental charges increase. MyBranch following the industry trend will be revising its office space rentals soon.