6 Training Room Rental Benefits for Conducting Seminars and Workshops.

Whether it’s a small company or a large organization, training rooms stand out to be of exclusive value when it comes to conducting seminars and workshops. It is often defined as a gateway through which the success or failure of an individual or the company passes through. Reason being, unprofessional and unskilled employees are always a threat for a company and can rattle the foundation of even the strongest business firms.

Conducting workshops and seminars is always going to benefit the employees in honing their skills, improving their performance, and understanding the organization thus giving a significant boost to the business.

Nowadays the training rooms are designed in such a way that the available area can be transformed into flexible office space as well. This boosts profit exponentially. The following are some of the top training room rental benefits-


  1. Flexi Booking Option Available

One of the biggest advantage of individual office space for the corporate world is pay-as-you-use. There is no need to pay for the space that is not in use or is simply not required. The service providers have with them a range of flexible options to choose from as per the requirement. Proper arrangements are made for meeting, training, workshops, and seminars.

  1. Professional Planners and Organisers

Most of the service providers have a team of professionals who make sure that the space hired for is properly organised to serve the purpose. As a business owner, a person has everything to worry about except for organising and making arrangement for the seminar or workshop. The professionals leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a great first impression to the employees or the clients.

  1. Provision for Amenities

Whether it is the microphone or a projector, training room rental organisers make sure that the arrangements are made as per the requirement. A customised place would ensure that the meeting or training concludes on a fruitful note.

  1. Provision for Video Conferencing

If the need arises, the rentals provide video conferencing option as well. With all the proper set-up, corporate meetings or seminars with the different business associates located in different corners of the globe is made easy. Providing office space on rent in Indore would offer instant contact with colleagues and clients as well.

  1. Helps in Leaving a Good First Impression

Whether the business is imparting training to a team of newcomers or conducting a seminar on the launch of a new product, the training room is always going to help leave a good first impression. Also, meeting with the prospective or potential client and conducting trainings in a hotel would always cost more.

  1. Perfect Business Environment

With all the available facilities and amenities, the training room offers a perfect business environment giving a boost to the productivity and creativity of the employees and making your company revenue and your business sustainable.

Now Is the Time for You to rent an office in Indore.

Indore is the most populous and largest city of Madhya Pradesh .it has literacy rate of 84% with the population of 2.2 million. The GDP of Indore is $14 billion which is more than 58 countries. Indore is the only city in India to have IIT and IIM and there are many major institutes in Indore this proves that Indore has a good amount of local talent there. Indore also has a good Road and Railways Connectivity as well as it has the busiest Airport in Madhya Pradesh. It is located in Central State of India Which is Madhya Pradesh this gives you very good benefits if you are in trading or if you are looking for and branch, which is in the central location of India ,which gives you a better access to the whole nation.  This kind of combination encourages you to have an office on rent in Indore.

Why should you open a branch in Indore now?

  • Metropolitan cities like Mumbai Kolkata Chennai , Delhi and Bangalore is getting too crowded and Expensive due to which Companies are looking for Branches in Two tier cities Like Indore which provides them  a good ,market as well as  cities with good literacy rate of that they can hire local talent for their local branches . Which gives them the opportunity so that they can save their money by avoid hiring employees from metropolitan cities and spending money on their accommodation as well as expand their market.
  • Since many companies are entering Indore  which is affecting the Market rates  in Indore ,  due to this the local market is getting more opportunists.  The brand or company which arrives late in the market suffers the most, Same can be said about the Recruitment opportunity because the companies which arrives earlier will be getting the best of the talents in Indore on a convenient rates compare to the company which arrives late.
  • Unlike Mumbai Delhi Kolkata and Chennai Indore is not a Metropolitan City due to which it is still a less expensive city if you are looking for office on rent in Indore. But since Indore is one of the emerging cities of India the companies are planning to have office on rent in Indore due to which the demand of office on rent in Indore is increasing this will cause the real estate rates to go up drastically.
  • There is few Shared offices in Indore like My Branch which will get filled up within some time,  since many companies are trying to get their branches there. This will create an increase in demand and decrease in supply the prices of those shared office space in Indore  will go up. Due to which you will have to pay more for the office space which you were getting on a convenient rate today.
  • Some Co-Working Space Indore like My Branch has limited Available Co-Working Spaces in Indore which gives you an opportunity to have branch with private access. Best amenity, convenient location, fully furnished, Facility Services and some other benefits.

Things You Should Know About before having a Shared Office in Vadodara.


Vadodara is the third largest city in the state of Gujarat. With the population of 1.92 million and 93 % Literacy rate it is the one of the best market for any big company who is looking for a Branch in Vadodara.  With the Literacy rate of 93 % you can also get good Skilled Labours in Vadodara.

Since Vadodara is not a major metropolitan city like Mumbai Kolkata Delhi Chennai or Bangalore, The companies opt for Shared offices in Vadodara. This helps them to reduce the cost of infrastructure Procurement or Maintenance. By Opting for Shared office in Vadodara, you can save you money as well as time because some companies provide you Co-Working Space Vadodara on Immediate basis.

But which points helps you to decide whether Vadodara is the best location for you to have your Shared office Space.

  • Connectivity of the Branch– This helps you to know whether your branch is Accessible.

You have to make sure that your branch is near to the main road so that your clients and employees feel convenient to visit your office through private vehicles. It should also be nearer to the Bus Stops and Railway station since your clients might come from other part of the city or nearer cities. Airport should also be present in the City so that you can have an easy access from your head office to your branch. You will have to look for shared office space in Vadodara with similar connectivity


  • Proper Amenities of the building– Building where you planning to have you branch should have a proper security facilities which will help you to secure your Assets  and also make sure that the branch is not facing any kind of unwanted interference. Security infrastructure should include a presence of Security in charge, and also monitoring Equipment’s like CCTV, Smoke Detectors and Fire alarms. You  will also have to make sure that u have a proper fire Exit, Fire Safety Equipment’s .You have to also make sure that the building has other amenities like Staircase , Lifts  and 24hrs power backup .


  • Parking Facility is one of the most Important aspect of a commercial building of the shared office space in Vadodara you have to make sure that your branch has a parking facility so that your client and employees doesn’t feel inconvenient while coming to your branch.


  • Private Access Some Shared office space in Vadodara  like My Branch Provides you and Option like Private access where you and your employs only has the access to use you space .


  • Branding Option Shared office space in Vadodara like my Branch also provides you option like branding opportunity with their premises so that you can have a better brand visibility.


  • Fully Furnishes offices this helps you to avoid investing time and money on your branch’s infrastructure  and also you can immediately start using the branch without waiting for its completion  you have to make sure that you get that kind of office on rent in Vadodara

What Are The Mandatory Things You Should Know While Applying GST Online?

GST Registration is compulsory for most people and entities providing merchandise or administrations in India. GST Registration ends up mandatory when the total estimation of the stock is more than Rs.20 lakhs. If the element is working in an exceptional class state, GST registration Number winds up compulsory when the aggregate stock is more than Rs.10 lakhs per annum. We look at the requirement for acquiring GST Registration Number, a rundown of archives required, and technique for applying for GST registration on the web.

Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) is the roundabout expense imposed in India and includes distinctive taxes. For example, administration charge, extract obligation, VAT, passage assessment, and traditions obligation, into a single duty framework. GST Registration Number was introducing with diminishing complexities and compliances of working together for many private companies in India.

You can apply for GST utilizing our selective idea by using different ways. The following records must present by people or elements applying for GST Registration for new Business.

  • Business and Applicant PAN Card
    GST Registration requires the documents of the Business, such as PAN (Permanent Account Number) and any authorized signatories/candidate (Directors/Partners/Proprietor).
  • Authoritative Indian Contact Number and Valid Email address
    The other document that is required to fill at the hour of the GST Registration Number is the valid Indian contact number and an email address of the Primary Authorized Signatory.
  • Legal Proof of Place of Business
    The Legal Proof of Place of Business is another vital document. It is the area inside the State, where a Businessman can keep its all business records.

As a supporting document, Keep below points in mind:

Any documentary file on the side of the responsibility for premises, you can understand it by some example such as Copy of Electricity bill, Latest any valid Property Tax Receipt
Duplicate of the substantial Rent/Lease Agreement/Consent letter

For each new spot of Business in the State, evidence of such a new place of Business.

Legitimate financial balance number from India
You have to specify subtleties of the financial balances kept up for directing Business.
One thing you have to do that for GST Number is to fill the Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) number of a similar bank and branch.

Different Subtleties

– List of Goods and Services
– Proof of arrangement of Authorized Signatory
– Authorized Signatories photograph
– For Companies and LLP’s, it is critical to have a computerized signature of the individual who is approved to sign the GST application
– Incorporation declaration
– Other administrative enlistment subtleties, for example, Professional Tax, State Excise License subtleties.

GST Registration Types

There are different sorts of GST Registration gave under the GST Act.

Ordinary Taxpayer: This classification of GST enrollment will be relevant for a large portion of the citizen who is maintaining a business in India.

Structure Taxpayer: This kind of GST Registration can get for those wishing to enlist under the GST Composition Scheme.

Easygoing Taxable Person: Easygoing assessable individual enlistment is regularly accommodated a time of up to 3 months and can be recharged or expanded.

A virtual office is another easiest way to rent an office, where a company use a location to be mentioned as one of its business locations even if they are not physically available there.

Beneficial Facilities and Features of Commercial Spaces

Regardless of whether you’re a businessperson inland, a property proprietor considering whether to lease your space as a Commercial Space or a representative confounded between utilizing a private unit as an office or leasing Commercial space. With this growing world, every day, new technologies invented, and the fact is that everyone wants his own business instead of doing the job in another office.

Therefore, they need the best office space to start their business. You can start your own business at a reasonable cost and find the best commercial space for rent at Indore. In Commercial space, you can earn more revenue with less investment while in residential property, investment is higher than average income. You ought to consider the different features of commercial space has over a residential property.

Comfort and Consistency: Commercial space has an advantage over the residential property in terms of comfort and consistency that are probably going to bring you specialists and business visionaries. It improves the growth and revenue of your business and reduces the loss due to the meantime vacancy. If you are looking for a Commercial space to start your new business or want to transfer your company, Indore is the best location for business purposes.

Negotiating Responsibilities: There are lots of responsibilities to own a property, such as its maintenance. But if you opt for the commercial place for rent, then it’s the commitment of the owner that he will fix the issues and take care of the office maintenance. On account of business properties, the organizations welcome the opportunity to move furniture and installations and embrace changes to suit their office needs. Organizations regularly re-try the style and divider paint to coordinate their logo-topics. In this way, the weight to fund fixes and support would be carried themselves, leaving you with little to stress over.

No lease control laws: There is no such requirement for business property. The more settled a business gets in an area, the more outlandish they attempt a difference in space and would pay more to keep your property. In case you’re the uncommon proprietor of property someplace like Bangalore or Mumbai, your rentals may empower you to manage the cost of that personal jet. Therefore look for the area which costs you less, and you can generate more revenue. Obviously, there are various places where you can find such commercial space for rent in Indore But at very little investment and good space, you can find at the Indore.

Reviewing, Returns, and Risks: Ever known about a house-property given A, B, or C evaluations dependent on their quality? Try not to stress; there exists no such framework for homes. In the ongoing past, business properties in Grade A have offered a 9-11 per cent pace of return with the best conveniences and style, while Grade B properties got around 7-9 per cent return standard office spaces. This characterization offers to ascend to not only better leases and more incentive according to an inhabitant yet additionally guarantees a higher pace of return and lower hazard than private properties.

Branding Permission: One of the facilities offered by Commercial Spaces is Branding Permission. You can make the use of your commercial space to promote the brand of your company. Our commercial space for rent in Indore, allows you to do the branding of your company as it is your office space.

Private Access: One of the biggest features of the commercial spaces in Indore is private access. Your commercial space can be accessed only by authenticated users. This ensures proper security of your commercial space.

Now It’s Easy To Get The GST Number for Your Business By Exclusive Way

GST or goods and sales tax has become a mandatory tax for businesses in India. Introduced by the central government on 1 July 2017 GST is a major tax reform measure. It aims to regulate and streamline tax collection in the Indian economy.

What is GST Number and Why Is It Important for Businesses?

1.GSTIN or goods and sales tax is a unique 15-digit alphanumeric code given to every business, firm, company or individual registered under the GST tax regime.
2. GST registration Online is a government’s attempt for transparency with zero corruption tolerance.
3. The first 2 GSTIN digits represent state code according to the 2011 census.
4. The following 10 GSTIN digits are the PAN number of the business entity.
5. The 14th GSTIN digit is Z by default.
6. The 15th GSTIN digit is the Checksum digit as an automatic calculation of the other 14 digits.

Easy Steps to Get GST Number for Business

It must be noted that to get the GST number these proofs and business details must be furnished and verified before submission. These are crucial and vital steps to getting a GSTIN business number relatively fast.

1. Go to Government GST Registration Portal
2. Fill PAN, mobile, e-mail
3. A temporary OTP reference number is sent on submitted mobile and e-mail.
4. Fill part B of form GST REG attached with relevant document proofs.
5. Acknowledgment is generated
6. For missing document proofs form another form GST REG is required. missing documents must be submitted within 7 working days.
7. If there’s poor registration details compliance intimation is given.
8. A certificate of registration is issued after approval and verification.

Mandatory Proofs for Seamless GST Registration Online for Businesses

1.PAN Card of the Business and Applicant
2. Business Location Proof and Address
3. Valid Indian bank Account Number
4.Miscellaneous Details: List of Goods and Services, Authorised Signatory (Authorisation Letter / Board Resolution/Authorised Signatories Photo Proof), Incorporation Certificate, Regulatory Registration, Digital Signature.
5. Valid Rent/Lease/Ownership of Business Premises
6. Latest Proofs

GST is an indirect tax levied in Indian businesses that incorporates various taxes into one tax regime including service tax, excise duty, VAT, entry tax and customs duty. Whether it is central, state and integrated GST tax, GST aims to curtail and reduce complex and hard compliance norms related to doing business for all businesses across India.

Find The Unique Way For Getting Commercial Office Spaces In Indore

Fountains not only work in homes but in workplaces, emergency clinics, malls, salons, and shopping centers too. Numerous business establishments have indoor wall wellsprings, yet outside ones too. When purchasing for Commercial Office Spaces, be that as it may, the purchasers should remember the points of introducing a wall fountain in a business complex. The fountain isn’t just going to help individuals structure a positive early introduction about what they see on entering the premises. It will likewise help staff direct their business in a quiet and gathered way.

The following are a few different ways that you can pick the right Commercial Space for rent in Indore, and tips identified with getting the most extreme advantages from it.

Customized Fountains Work Better Than Production Line Items
No organization can succeed by having a similar stylistic theme if your wall wellspring will possess a visible spot in the entryway, living room, or Commercial space. At that point, getting a fountain handcrafted utilizing the organization logo, shading, or name is a smart thought.

Keep The Purpose In Mind
Keep the estimations of your association, and the idea of the work it is engaged with, as a primary concern while buying Commercial Space for rent in Indore. An upbeat, brilliant, somewhat rich wall wellspring functions admirably in inn and resort lounges. Medical clinics and Shopping centres should utilize moderate and quieted structures.

Keep Discussions Private
Privacy is an uncertain inquiry in many associations. The administrator needs to watch out for workers, but then have a covered space for discussions forbidden to them. It is ideal to have wall-mounted wellsprings at all-around idea out spots in the commercial area or close to the administration’s rooms.

Create The Illusion Of Space
Commercial Space is at a higher cost than expected in any working environment. While you have to pay lease by each square foot of office space, you can’t stand to over-issue the work environment. Along these, you can improve space and guarantee that the representatives don’t get diverted. A mass of wellsprings can likewise be utilized to part the work region into two. It makes a deception of the room without making any of the remote territories seem squashed.

Reduce Noise
Working environment profitability disturbed by the commotion that is common in many Commercial places and working environments. The best thing to diminish noise is to use the divider mounted fountain. The sound of running water imparts a feeling of quiet while concealing the additionally aggravating sounds.

Create A Space To Relax In
Water cooler dialogues are always a cerebral pain for the administration that stresses over inefficient available time. In any case, they are a lifesaver for the staff, permitting them a break from work and a spot to share conversation. If you feel the water cooler time is stretching out past sensible cutoff points, take a stab at introducing a divider wellspring in the work zone itself. It gives staff a spot to unwind and bond at, without their venturing out of the work territory.
So now you have 6 reasons to put resources into divider mounted wellsprings for your Commercial space or business.

GST Registered Virtual Office Spaces – Give A Prestigious Address To Your Business!

Are you still dreaming of having a perfect address for your business in another city or looking forward to a client’s parcel in India from abroad? Worry not! we will help you own a prestigious business address with GST registration so the office is legally registered but it enjoys all the perks of having an actual office space.

With the concept of virtual office spaces, you can really get your business visibility rank on the top in front of your clients. GST has become an important taxation system in India, and the businesses that are not registered under the GST system are not recognized and there can even be further difficulty in procuring goods or paying or lending money to businesses. Hence, the easy online GST registrationis a rapid process through which, you can avail of your own office space in a matter of just a few days.

Virtual office spaces are like virtual reality but the only difference, the actual office exists where there is a live receptionist who can attend your calls, attend to the office post box or even a place where small interviews or seminars or meetings can be held with prior booking. The idea of virtual office spaces is fast catching up at places like Goa, Allahabad, Chennai and even Bhopal along with PAN India cities.

Virtual office space and GST!

Virtual office spaces allow your business to have a professional business address hence drastically reducing the cost of premises plus other business facilities. The virtual spaces help you with a mailing address, GST registered business unit, business connectivity and networking and much more. One can get further office facilities like receptionist, PO box facility, arranging for conference rooms on prior booking and so on.

  • Get a premium office address for your business and get  GST registration online.
  • Cost-effective solution to daily hefty expenses, get all the office facilities without paying deposit money, maintenance bills, house-keeping fees, reception fees, etc.
  • Use facilities like meeting rooms, call-answering by professionals with prior notice, scalable to actual workstation space as and when needed.

Why Choose Us?

  1. 100% legal compliance along with fulfillment and agreements from all the government departments.
  2. Transparency in the documentation process with standardized methods
  3. Dedicated managers to look after your needs and requirements
  4. Quick documentation
  5. Available at PAN India level in all states
  6. Attractive and Affordable pricing

Commercial Space At Lease – The Best Decision For Your Business!

Buying commercial spaces may really be a hell lot of trouble, especially if your business is at the primary stages of its development. The best idea, however, is to lease out properties based on your business requirements. For some, even leasing out properties means a lot of steps before actually acquiring the spaces.

The new concept of leasing out commercial office space for rent is really getting popular. It is especially helpful if your business is looking for expansion in other cities of India. Suppose, you have the main head office in Mumbai and looking to start a business at other locations such as Bhopal or maybe Goa, you will obviously not move your entire business operations there. Hence, the best idea is to lease out the property in a shared office space as per your business requirements.

The best advantage for leasing shared commercial space for rent in Bhopal is that you do not really have to buy or lease out the entire area on rent. You can now have the flexibility to choose your office size and can scale the size according to business needs.

Benefits of leasing out commercial office spaces on rent – 

  1. Pay only for what you use – the shared commercial office space brings you a gamut of advantages like you can have the scalability options. This ensures that you rent out as much space as is required currently.
  2. Having the layout as needed – When an individual or a business entity look forward to leasing out the office space, he also gets the benefit of getting the ready-to-work office spaces without any hassles of doing the small nitty-gritty work.
  3. Office amenities – Sometimes the overhead expenses are too much for a business to digest but by leasing the shared Commercial Space For Rent one can really heave a sigh of relief. The expenses like having an admin staff, receptionist to answer calls or even holding meetings in a conference room in another city can be well taken care of without shelling out big money.
  4. The flexibility of space – Shared Commercial spaces helps you to expand your business or tone down your business based on your choices. Suppose two people from your office at Allahabad have now shifted base to Bhopal office then you can easily arrange for the same at your same shared office premises with just adding two more workstations

The concept is slowly growing in major small scale and mid-size business enterprises who are looking for expansion in other cities but cannot invest in entire office space. Your office located in Chennai can easily be relocated to other cities by paying just 1/4th of the cost or vice-versa. It is a hassle-free approach to do seamless business networking and expand your business and let you focus on your main areas of expertise.